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Real Estate

Largo, FL Real Estate Law Attorneys, Weylie-Centonzio

Real Estate Attorney Philip Weylie, St. Petersburg & Largo, FL

Real estate transactions can be very complicated. Property owners who are renting their property need to ensure their lease agreements are written up properly, tenants need to understand their legal rights if their landlord attempts to evict them and homeowners facing foreclosure often need the assistance of a real estate attorney to help them understand the process and their options. Some of the services we provide in Pinellas County include:


When you are a property owner and facing foreclosure, you may not know what your options are. With the number of fraudulent documents in the system, we can work with consumers and lenders to ensure the proper procedures are followed in accordance with Florida laws. Florida foreclosures are handled through the judicial process and a new law passed in 2013 resulted in faster procedures. We will work with you to determine what options are available to you.


Florida has very short eviction notice requirements including three days for nonpayment of rent and seven days for lease violations. However, landlords must not force tenants out by disconnecting utilities and there must be clear language included in eviction notices. Whether you are a landlord who needs to evict a tenant or a tenant who feels they are being unjustly evicted, you should work with a real estate attorney to protect your rights.

Real Estate Litigation

There are a host of problems that can occur when you are purchasing or own real estate. Some of the problems may include right of way problems, issues with inspections or problems discovered after closing on a new home. At Centonzio Law PLLC we can work with you to help protect you when you are involved in any type of real estate litigation.

Real estate laws can be very complicated and those who are facing any type of challenges with lenders, landlords, tenants or homeowners often need to turn to an attorney for advice. You can call Centonzio Law, PLLC at (727) 490-8712 for help with all your Pinellas County real estate legal issues.